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I am new to blogging. Figure this would be healthier than facebook! Ive recently "overcome" issues that have been burdening me for quite some time and today especially, i have caught myself going back to old tendancies that are not healthy or good at all for that matter so i hope tomorrow will be better.

I am very glad to say that i feel more like myself than ever. Unforntuanly, with that came a cost. I now have a few "tiffs" in a few relationships with my family. Im not very happy about it but at the same time, my family is a difficult family, what family isnt but its one of those situations where if space isnt presented between myself and them, ill probably go crazy.

Anywho, i look forward to posting about my thoughts and whats going on. I feel it will help keep my sanity and be an interesting experience. Peace out...
ahb17 ahb17
22-25, F
Sep 20, 2012