I Had A Very Irrational Fear

Yes, you'll be surprised that I had gotten scared of this when I was little and some of it still haunts me to this day. The Feature Presentation logo's. I hate those logos so much. When I was little, they would scare me. By far the worst Logo's ever, the FP logo for Paramount VHS movies, and FP logos for 90's Disney Movies. These logos had always haunted me. The music for each logo nearly gave me a heart attack when it came on. I always hated the THX that came after it. The old THX logos used to scare me as well. THX is meant to scare you. That's the whole purpose of THX. To make the viewer feel that fear. I would have to run to my room and hide during previews until the movie began because you'll never know when it will come. After hearing it, the song gets fixated into my head. It sucks because every time I was near a T.V. during the night before I go to sleep, I always thought that it would turn on and that logo would play. Or the would appear all over the walls, the floors and the ceiling playing that horrid tune all in unison. All the color of the walls would turn black and tons of THX logos will appear everywhere. THX is no big deal. The Paramount logo is not too bad. But the Disney logo's still continue to give me a bit of the creeps. I also had nightmares about it.....Big time when I was little.
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Sep 24, 2012