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New Here

I find it very hard to talk about myself, and especially what bothers me. I very often hide behind jokes and smiles and am unable to share my troubles easily. I am therefore surprised I felt like I wanted to become a member on this site, which a friend recommended some time ago. But I have heard that this can be a place to meet good people, and make good friendships ... I hope to have this experience. I hope to find good people, whom I can share a part of myself with, who can share a part of themselves with me.
angelicsmiles angelicsmiles 31-35, F 27 Responses Oct 27, 2012

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Two years

Imagine. A long time.

And you back then,and you now, wow. The words seem to be a bit different. Maybe you were a bit different back then

Possibly. What kind of change do you notice?

You're a lady now. A wiser woman. 2 years ago,you seem to be more delicate. Sweet. Hopeful. Now you're more cautious, intense but not in a bad way. If I could show you what's in my thought, its like now you're gazing and musing at things, back then you looked at things innocently.

Interesting observation. :)

How much did I score?

Surprisingly high. You're more perceptive than I realised. :)

I am not shallow. And I know I am more than what people think. And I like it that way. Lolz

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welcome and like to talk to pepople

welcome and like to talk to pepople

Welcome good profile name

Hey... I have been here 2 years almost. This post was written on Oct 27 2012. :) But thank you anyway.

Lol sorry same time ive been here i think lol

I am also new. I came across this site by accident. I don't always like sharing my life because of the negativity seems to reinstall itself like a virus. I am going to recommed this site to a friend of mind, she may not find her answers, but I hope she finds more support than I alone can give her. I hope you find more good people that can share experiences of similarity to yours and give you the esteem and confidence you need to become the beautiful you really are.

Thank you.

So you may start to share your inner world

Me too, i don't open very easily even though i know i'm anonymous here:)

For me, it is my personality. I am fairly private and let very few people see me and know me deep down. :)

Exactly! Exactly!

'Evening, Angelic, that is one of the reasons I am back after six months of working on Maryann's Dance. The way I descibe the story which is set in the period 1973 to 1974 is autobiographical/biograpical, fiction based. Many of the vignettas in the story actually did happen. Many times during the writing I'd literally put myself into the story. It was not easy to write as I became one with the male main character, but at the same time it gave me a chance get many things "off my chest." I wish I'd said to her forty years ago. # # #

Same here. I wish to get to know more about others and I hope I can learn something as a life lesson maybe.

Everything that passes our way is a lesson in life. Best wishes. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Welcome! This is a great place to share & find ppl coming from the same place in life as yourself. Be careful however, as there are those who would have u believe they empathize with you but are truly only looking to fulfill their own purposes. Hope u have a positive, fun experience.

This was written almost a year ago. :) Thank you for your advice, I can relate to what you are saying.

I hope, by now you have found them. :)

What I found is that people come and go, and it is best to enjoy while it lasts. Forming attachments can lead to pain.

Hmm... Its true.

I think, there is something for me to learn from it. Thanks :)

You\'re welcome. :)

Welcome! love to chat with you to make you feel you belong and be happy to make new friends!

Thank you. :) Although I can not really call myself new here anymore. This was almost a year ago. Thank you for reading and commenting.

im 35years male,iv joined in new aswell,infact i have never registerd on any such site before,i was very hesitant,probably that why i could easily relate to what you wrote.iv been through hell of emotional traumas & have mostly laughed out loud on the outre side & have cried louder within my ownself.that is when i cam accross EP while i was surfing the net in my office,with zero mind.but i feel its all worth it,surely this will lead to soething better then what it alreadi si??
warm regards,

Si... just be a bit exclusive on who you trust and befriend, take your time to get to know them and you will find yourself enjoying and even opening up. Best wishes. :)

I'm new to the site too and it's kinda hard to talk about stuff

Welcome to the site and wish you the best. Try writing whatever you want to talk about and post it as a story. See how that goes for you.

I am new here. I hope this virtual place is where I can be honest with my moods, wishes, desires...a place where venting becomes constructive.

I hope you find what you are looking for. :) Best wishes.

Good morning, Angelic, good to hear from you. It's been years since I even opened up about myself. One of the things that helps is that I work with a group (actually read that large) number of good people. Even thought I am contract work and have been with this company eleven years I've met and made many good friends. The vast majority of the organization, including the last Vice President was former Air Force, I am former Army. Usually something triggers a remark about the military and off we go on a tangent about our time in the service. The former Air Force old hands love my story about how we made coffee in the Army (The good `ole days - the `60's). But being around former military has been good therapy -- I have PTSD and the civilian side had no idea what set me off one time. But being around former military many of them knew and it has help cure me -- to a point. # # #

Thank you for sharing this EdHuntley. And thank you for reading and commenting.

I find it hard to talk about myself also

tears of a clown :

hi there,

i'm new here and don't always get the time to talk here as much as i would like but

i'm looking for decent friendships as well and if i get to have friends from all over the

world even better .

People seem friendly here and . If you'd like to , drop me a message :)

good luck

Very cool angel......I'm sure you'll befriend many folks who enjoy and love your vibe....

Thank you. Yes I have made some good friends. :)

This is a good place to meet people. Although you may never meet them face to face. You may meet some one who you develop a trust in.
As I have found from the past , friends are sometimes hard to find. And yet sometimes real hard to keep.
Good luck in your quest to meeting people, good & bad alike.
Hopefully they will be the good ones who are nice.

Thank you so much. I have come across both those I have developed trust with and those I have found hard to keep. Such is life. Thank you for reading and commenting.

You are very welcome. I find myself, I am a 61 year old man. I do seem to have a younger group that on here that wants to be friends at first. We talk a little then nothing. I never try to hurt anyone. I try to advise as a friend. Some quit writing, and I have no idea why. Even though I have asked.
I am always looking to meet new people and make friends. But my age I think does scare them off a bit too.
I do ask questions that require thought and that are also from my old heart. You do sound that you are a very interesting person to know. I will not bother you, if you wish me not to.
I do wish you well. And maybe one day we may chance a friendship, but it will be your choice. I just hope that I not bore you, I tend to that a lot.
Thank you for reading this.

You make a good impression..Just one comment attracted me to your profile and i'm glad for the distraction..Makes me realise the value of EP ,in restoring faith in people i guess.
Which by coincidence does relate to this here story. Best Wishes:)

Thank you for your kind words. Best wishes in return. :) these many friends are around.....

Yes, amazing aint it? :)

must be!

An honest confession. I hope you've gotten over with it now:)

:). Its good to get to know people, yeah.

well thats true you will met alot of different kinds of people here ranging from addicts,crazy psychopaths,weired,nasty,aggressive,***********,sentimentalist,lovers,lesbian,gays,perverts,heterosexual,transgendered peeple and all you can imagine,but its how you will understand and accept this unique character of every person that will make you feel alright and then you will enjoy that alot of people share and say something helpful and sometimes disgusting but thats how it is so just feel free to add some people you feel acceptale and be your friend.

I totally agree with you. We learn from keeping an open mind, and realising, everyone has something to teach us, no matter who they are.

yes besides nobody is perfect only we can have the best so with all those kinds of people i think we all get the perfect one with all this ha,ha,ha

I think U are in the right place, though there are B.S.s everywhere U know...
Best wishes for U...

Yeah, dont I know, there are BS's everywhere? :) Ty for your wishes.

same with me :(
but hey.. HI :D

Hi :)

I am sure that you have found the right place Good luck, and I am looking forward to visiting with you.

Would like that :).