helo everyone came across this site and well it seemend to have a satisfying feel to it and well really i dont have any friends at all im copletely alone in a country i dont really know that well im basically starting a new life and come to a personal low...but besides that here to meet new pople and help others arround me :)
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5 Responses Oct 30, 2012

I did the exact same thing, Saw this site and thought it would be interesting... I don't have any friends either. I've lived in the same place all my life. I wish I could move and start a whole new life, that would be pretty great! But I'm also here to meet new people, I saw you and thought you would be the first person on here to meet, so hey! :)

Hey..I'm a chill person to talk to i suppose...you can talk to me if you ever get bored or whatever:)

Lol..ok:) cool..

I dont really have any friends either:// Trying to start new

Welcome dude! Btw....people here are kinda Nuts. In a very good way. Enjoy yourself.

well I hope everything gets better, It's really tough not to have someone to talk to at times.