My Neighbour Uncle

hi i am 16 year old boy leaving with my mother who is 37 in age my mom married my father but after 5 years they got divorced when i was just 3 year old. my father after divorce he left to america and settled mom was as a supervisor in a industry.I dont know the the reason for the divorce of both but 1 thing was my mother was very practical in thinging whenever if there is client visiting in her boss is to tell to wear saree that day that to below she when speaking about the project to the clients go on seeing her half visible navel ad she was a very practical about this.even at rush buses whenever i should go with her .people in crowd y the men were to try to touch her navel. even at theatre while watching movie the gay besides her try to stomach but never cared about this. 5 years when by mom got trasfered to Chennai from hydra bad my purchasable a house there. as we were only in house but 1 day a bachelor guy who had came on our backside home which was only of two rooms on rent. as he very friendly and kind helpfulness with especially with my mother very night i use to on the for study he use to come to our house and T.V for spent some times talking with my mom and he use to go. day by day he was very attracted by her and one day while my mother as cleaning the outdoor walls as she wearing a transparent nighty as it was holiday. she was cleaning the floor at that time her nighty went little down as it was morning there was no bra on her boobs it was open half visible at that time uncle was staring on her in a sexy attitude. and left that I didn't told her that. and once when i got at 4:am morning for my exam study i was coming down to drink water suddenly i saw him that he was my seeing my mother bathing thought window. when i told this my mom she didn't said anything for and once at night there was a power cut i went to my friends. the door was open while going out i saw him going in my house to my mom's room as i started to watch in window he was pressing my mom's navel where my mom was avoiding him as she was alone as he was very tall and strong i could not resist as kept watching he made her to lie on bed and kissing her deep navel where she was noiseeing 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAMAAAAA' and he removed her saree started to lick her dark hairy ***** with his tongue she was just ''AAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYEEEEAHAA' and from that on they had offen sex together and my mother is pregnant of 4 months now after the birth of baby they decided to marry.
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That's good

Thats nice in a weird sorta way