Bossy Jessie

Jeserel is my older brother, we call him Jes. He was the best brothers I ever had. He stood up for me, took care of me, and he was my first teacher. WAS...

I still remember the good old days, when I was 5. He would take me to the park and we would play with our neighbors, we would play for hours! And then on the way home he would buy me my favorite candies. After school, he would help me through my homeworks and projects, and he always stood up for me when someone says bad things about me.

But, that was when I was 5. Until he had dramatic experiences. He was studying at college as a nurse, but because of financial problems, he was forced to drop out of school. He didn't go to college until after a few years, he graduated, his course was Computer Science.

His best friends left him because they had to go to college or work. He became lonely. He tried to make new friends, his new friends were chain-smokers and drunkards, sooner or later, he became a chain-smoker and a drunkard too.

He doesn't help me at school anymore. He talks to me in a different way than he used to. He talks to me like he's talking to a maid. He treats me like a maid. He swears at me, he says things like the "f" word, and he says he wishes I wasn't born. He hurts me physically, he already punched me twice.

Every time we argue, I would cry silently after he leaves. And because I'm so angry at him, I don't talk to him anymore. I keep praying for him, that he would change. I wish he will change.
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Hello....Filipinajgl I read storie again is this a true story are you ok have things improved any your story really grip my heart it make me cry when I read the part where he hits you Sweety you are nobody's punching bag maybe it's best not to go around Him just keep praying for Him if anybody can Chang Him Jesus can I'm praying for and your Brother too

Hi... Sweetheart I just read your story and it broke my heart your story really touched my heart be very careful who you choose for friend's you saw what happend to your brother let this be a learning expererince for you please keep trying to talk to him I know it can be painful for you let him know that you still love him remind him of the good times you had with him when he took you to the park and how much you love him for that tell him you are praying for him