Ok I joined this group because I was looking for help or just needed to talk. Get things off my mind. I don't know how this works or were to start. So I am starting here. Maybe someone can lead me to the right direction.
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Yup, Psharr above said it right.
In addition, for whichever groups you join, write a story even if a little one, like that "Fairy Tale" one you did already, thats a good start.
Oops, but dont ask me why I haven't done that yet, LoL. I regularly preach what I look forward to practise, LoL.

Haha yeah, wait. Slow and steady wins the race. And I don't even have to win it, LoL.

Sure if you need some help just message me,or I will message you and help you all I can.Welcome to EP btw.