Feel Weird

It's kind of weird to be at a place that can remind you so many experiences at once. We all make experiments and make mistakes as well. We all make friends, do crazy things with them, lose some and regret meeting some as well. We got our secrets, we all got a hidden side not visible to world expect a very few people and sometimes visible only to yourself.  Isn't this so?

Their are things we want to say, experiences we want to tell. But the world where we got a name and an identity attached with that name to preserve isn't tolerant enough to let us say everything we want to say. I feel grateful to God for being born in age of internet, a wonderful place where you can say anything you want, share anything you did without fearing an adjective like ***** or **** sticking to the name that entitles your identity.

I'm a student of psychology, moody, often funny, shy at first but nonstop speaker later, there is nothing that can stop me from going naughty when I want to, I have got a habit of reading people before deciding how much to open before one and people think it's annoying. I do sometimes write in our local newspaper as well, let's see how much this skill helps me here.   

       Cheers :)
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Dec 2, 2012