Learning About It ...

When I joined EP, I quickly added everything that came to my mind. Having a naughty side to express, that wasn't all nice admittedly but it it didn't dominate every page of my group list anyway. Still, except one, all men I came across with had nothing in common with except dirty thoughts and naughty experiences. This poses a question to a student of psychology, I mean to me, do men lie when they say they like flowers, nature, baby, beauty in ordinary things and so on? I mean, everyone of them is such a nice and sensitive person in front of a girl (Except in privacy, that's a different thing and shouldn't be confused with social situations) but a good number of them shockingly lack any of above attributes here, at a place where they are totally free to be what they truly are. Next time my boyfriend saw a flower and exclaimed "Look, what a beautiful piece of art by nature." I'll definitely wonder if these are his genuine feelings or is he pretending, to some extent if not all. Anyway, I have removed a good number of groups I joined mistakenly and feel a bit more happy to be there.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Give it a chance not all of us men are here for that. Some are just learning how to navigate EP. I do gardening, cooking, baking, and live shows. But I also am here because of trying to better myself by analyzing responses and learning if EP is what I am looking for. I have not posted any stories yet. Iam also a graduate and student of peole