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I have been married for 8 years, when we first met i was in my 20's and he was in his 40's. We feel in so fast and I knew I wanted to be with him. I had a hard time going from being in the bar and waking up to being step mom to two young boys. Thank god they are good kid and never gave us a hard time. Shortly after a year together we were plain ing on getting married when I found out I was going to have a baby. Needless to say I found myself in court getting married. I never wanted a big wedding but I really would have liked to wear my dress. Any ways, Life has being a bit hard on us. He retired from his job when we were dating and I was working as a CNA in a hospital with intent to go back to school. Any way it s always been a fight to get him to work again, He say s he put in his 20 years and thats it. He has pick up a small part time here and their. However I got hurt on the job and need surgery, and that when I found out I was pergo. I had some small health problems with it and was at home. He had to pay for the kids and if half his retierment to his ex. This led to losing his apartment and latter my apartment. I did go back to work but it just wasnt enough to make it. Next thing I new we were moving to nj into a friends house he was renting. At this point I couldnt fined work any were and started doing odd jobs to bring in something. I started with house cleaning, and add dog in home dog boarding. I just keep adding from their. Selling clothing and antiques baking breads, and watch a friend of my husbands mom and watching kids before and after school.I keep doing as much as I can and I feel like its not enough and hes always looking for more work for me and I get keep up any more. I feel more then I did when I was alone. He sleeps all day and the he works out comes home goes on the computer and stays up all night. I have tried talking to him but he want talk to me about any imp, witch upsets me because I feel like I have to carry everything. He will only hug me if I ask him, I have to try and get him to spend time with me and its always a fight. He doesnt take me serious and just laugh s at me. I have try yelling, pleading, crying, I tried leaving and nouthing. When I tell him I think it over he just rolls his eyes and say no its not. I feel trap d and stupid.
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. It easy to say just walk a way if I didnt have a child maybe but this will kill her. And I still need a place live and find a real job first. But I thank you

easy answer is to walk away. you can do better.

wow.. You have a full plate.. and some honest conversation to have if you want to save things.

Well I have tried talking to him many times, and its always not right now or theirs nouthing to talk about thats why I am at the point were I need to make a move.