I have just joined and wish to say Hello to whoever reads this one liner.
TheSpiritofAngel TheSpiritofAngel
18-21, F
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Hi Angel, I see you're a member of I Live In Georgia. Me too. So do you really live in Georgia, or did you just join the group? Love to chat/get acquainted. Thanks.

hold on, Angel has like over 15000 experience group.. . Did you seriously take the time to go thru all of them to see what you had in common?

If you did, props to you man ^^

Hello im joel im new here hopefuly we can be friends! :-)

hello ready to chat about anything love people

Hello from New York! :D

KIORA o Hello back at you

HeLLo. I just joined 4 days ago, looking forward to this experience! I like your username, I already want to get accuainted! C:

Welcome to EP and thank you for your reply.I will add you right now.If you accept it,we will be friends.
I am a nut at asking questions on ep.If you care to,there are many you could also answer,much to my pleasure. Love.

Welcome and pleased to meet you.

Thank you.

Howdy :)

Am good.Thank you.

hello welcome to E P

Thank you.