Hey my username is sugarcoatedchainsaw!!!!
I just joined today.
I'm really, really glad I joined. EP seemed really scary at first, like I was testing new waters. But now it's like I've already gotten to know a few people through comments and stuff. It seems like a really good community, but I need FRIENDS if I want to be totally happy on here!
Please, please check out my stories! I have so many and I plan on making way more, trust me! And check out my account and stuff, even though there's not a lot of information.
By the way, I'm 13-15, so I would feel more comfortable if someone closer to my age were to look at my account info.
Thanks! I luv ya guys and I hope you all find a place on EP!
sugarcoatedchainsaw sugarcoatedchainsaw
13-15, F
Dec 8, 2012