My Younger Sister Has Been Bullying Me.

I am 14 yrs old. I have a younger sister who has just turned 8 yrs old. The two of us never got along, we would always argue and fight over irrelevant things. Usually, she starts the fight. She would always find an opportunity when I'm at peace and relaxation to fight as if she knew how I felt and wanted to irritate me on purpose. She would never admit that she was in a wrong and would put the blame on me. When I tell my parents, they don't care what I have to say about the situation instead they just listen to my sister. I don't know what to do. Recently, she has started throwing things at me like : toys, shoes, sweet wrappers and would embarrass me in public. Sometimes, she would say things like I'm the worst sister in the world to hurt my feelings. Often, late at night
when everyone is asleep, I would go to my room to cry and let it all out. Right now, I am desperate for suggestions .If you can offer a suggestion, pls write in to me. Your help is really appreciated.
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Hmmm...I try my best to do what I can that is nice for her. Thanks for your help.

I am really greatful for your support Ebisur. To chat with you, you must let me add you to my circle first.
Is there a way I can chat with you on EP? I hope that there is a way. Thank you for reading and understanding me.

Ah, thanks for reading, do you have a suggestion to help me through this tough time?