Fun At The Beach.

Today, I had a great time relaxing at the beach. Everything turned out fine today. I had lots of fun splashing water at the sea. Later that day, we each had an ice cream cone.
But as you all know as in my first story about my sister Veronica, she is always up to no good, but alas, today I mentally did not allow her to ruin my day. How I did it was by listening to music. But, it won't be that simple the next time. She is always up to her dirty pranks. You know something, if you had read my first story, I still despise my sister Veronica. Just hope tomorrow she won't ruin the day.
If she ruins my day, here's what I'll do ...
Step 1 : scream my lungs out
step 2 : bash my head against the wall
step 3 : run around like a chicken
step 4 : hit the floor.
Ha! Really wonder what to do about that peaky girl :(

Hahaha funny eh ... :) have a nice day.
MsPretty123 MsPretty123
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Hope you like my story. Have a nice day everyone.