I'm New Here Of Course.

I'm married. Happily. I have kids.

I have things I want to post anonymously. Things I don't put on Facebook. Just as an outlet.

I hope to make friends with similarities. Or no similarities.
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Welcome, of course!!! ;-)

I came here for the very same reason. I spill my guts on here and never get judged. I deleted my Facebook, and I do not like telling these personal things to family. This is a safe and wonderful place for people just like you and I. Please message me any time. Im here for you!

Thank you so much. That means a lot. I'm looking forward to really getting involved here :)

Awesome. I wish you the best and hope you gain some knowledge here, too. Feel free to ask any question or if you need to talk I am always willing and ready to listen!

Thank you. Really. I'm one of those people that always thinks I'm a burden. Yet I never mind listening to others. I really appreciate that. Truly :)

Oh my gosh! I always feel like a burden, especially sine I am now disabled from a failed suicide attempt and am more dependent on everyone than ever. I love listening to people too. You always learn something and I always am encouraging.

EP is a great place for support - glad you two have each other. tmarker, I would like to discuss BPD with you sometime if you don't mind? Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays) everyone!

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