Hi I am 47 year old female whose husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2009. Since then he fell into a depression in April 2011, and in August 2012 went back into what I thought was mania phase. It appears he may have a form of multiple personalities: dissociation disorder.

We are currently separated because I didnt think I could handle the manic phase the second time around. We still get on and I am trying to help from a distance.

Im just looking (and reading) about DID. Amazing to read the literature and match it up with his behaviour. We have two daughters, a son in law and three grand daughters with another on the way.

We see our part in the process as still involving him in family birthdays, gatherings etc. You could say we are burnt out. But understand that even if he is his normal self for 2-5 mintues or 1-2 hours then we have achieved something for him and ourselves, before he goes off on another pathway.

this is another journey for us......... and will take it in our stride, reading your stories and knowing we are not the only ones going thru this is a postive beginning to understanding more....
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we both love the same picture!My fried's hubby is bipolar and refuses to take medication. he causes so much hevoc...they are divoiced now