Hi. Feels strange introducing myself to strangers on a website.

My brain fails me at the moment, I want to be witty and funny, say words which create smiles. I am afraid no such words come to mind. ;(

I am beginner at this. First laptop, first internet connection. Parents believe it all to be evil. However I need it for school so they have given in to the evil although restrictions apply. Strange. Wow nothing left to say for now. Sorry for being boring. Have a nice day.
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6 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Welcome to the most evil place on the Internet, MUHAHAHAHAHA!

I'm joking :)

Nobody is boring, and I like your introduction.

May I say - welcome to ep

Have lots of fun, interact, and soon you will have a List of new Friends.

Mark xx

add me please x

You aren't boring. I find your openness and honesty refreshing.

Thank you!!

It's alright :)


Enjoy your lap top. :-)

Thank you. I wish for endless enjoyment. ;)