Allie And Moni....

So here are some of the difference I have found between Allie and I. My boyfriend is very good at telling the difference between us and montering what we both to and letting me know what is different so I may b able to communicate with her more. Allie is not a big fan of my boyfriend or our children and obviously it makes it very difficult.
Allie wears nothing but jeans and tank tops. She hates hates hates it when the kids are making any kind of noise (even normal 7 & 3 yr old noises). She loves sex but is very aggressive and has a horrible temper when she is told no about sex or well anything else. She cries and screams and throws things. She has so far broken one laptop, two ipod touches, an xbox, three phones, a door, two camping chairs and a window, ontop of countless cups, plates, bowles, the kids toys... you get the picture.
I, Moni, on the other hand prefer to wear yoga pants and t's. I am usually playing games and being just as loud as the kids if not louder. I enjoy sex with my boyfriend but it's just not the top priority for me. I have a temper I suppose, I get irritated and frustrated like anyone else but I usually prefer to talk things out or think about the solutions first, not saying I can't get into a screaming match of my own from time to time.
Allie also loves to change my passwords on me. Haha. She has locked me out of my half of the computer, my ipod, and even changed the pin number on my bank cards more then once.
I really dont like cleaning up after her. She takes over for a week and I spend three weeks cleaning up the damage, either financial, emotional or fixing stuff.
Grr.. It's so frustrating. I hope trying to communicate with her, through letters, videos and our boyfriend mayb we can get her to chill and relax a little and enjoy our life
MoniNAllie MoniNAllie
26-30, F
Dec 13, 2012