Hi! My Name Is Carol

I love being alone. I can stay in my house for weeks at a time as long as I have everything I need. My husband makes sure I get out every so often, I think he worries about me. But I am
just fine. Anyone else like me?

The internet now helps a lot. I run a few online businesses which also help. I get all the info I
need. Don't have a horrible boss or coworkers breathing down my neck. We travel a few times a year and I'm very sociable then. No problem. But get very edgy when people want
to probe.

What do you do? Where do you live? How many kids do you have? And on and on and on.
Wouldn't bother me if these were people I wanted to spend time with but I know they are
only doing the "measuring up thing." You know, who's got more or less. But I digress.

Going to do some searching around to see what this place is about. Would love some
fans and responses.

Oh...and please pray for everyone in Newtown, Ct. They really need to feel the love. My
heart aches for them.
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3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I'm married with two children. I truly dislike leaving the house. Obviously I do for the little ones, but if it were up to me, I'd be home most of my time. Sometimes I even regret that we own two cars.

I totally understand :)

Carol, I live a confined life as well. Your filter setting prevents direct communication. If its by choice, I understand. If its because EP doesn't mention it, that's another.

Dear carol, don't you feel lonely and left out?Good thing you have a good hubby/Got any kids hanging around/ then surely you won't feel lonely!Thanks for posting!