I'm not too good a these things, but decided that I ought to give it a go as only so much can go wrong in one box of text, right?

I'm Aaron, I'm a twenty five year old guy living in a very very cold England.
Despite the looks of long hair, baggy clothes and bright t-shirts that swear at people, I'm not like most other guys in my 'genre' as I have heard it called once upon a time.
My music taste varies from Rock, metal, reggae, rap, trance, dance, grunge, pop and everything inbetween and my Itunes (Consisting of over ten thousand songs and more to come as more Cd's are posted to me from various websites) contains almost a thousand tracks of classical music from Bach and Chopin to Nobuo Uematsu, so I'm a very mixed bag when it comes to music.

I don't drink or have I ever done drugs, never seen the point even though I did go through a phase of very heavy drinking when I turned seventeen, but that was mostly being a teenager and the whole world being against me (Or so it seemed at the time).
I enjoy Gaming and own almost every console brought onto British soil and as I'm typing this my Nes, Snes, PS1, Gamecube and my Xbox 360 are set up like a beautiful wall of gaming pleasure. The latter of the list being swapped about with other consoles whenever I get a urge to play something, but the Xbox is static, never leaves.

I've just typed, not really sure what has actually gone onto the screen. I have a odd sense ogfhumor and try to be the uplifting factor for people as making other people smile and laugh feels fantastic!!

Anyway... This is way long so I'm going to stop right..........

Nazryl Nazryl
22-25, M
Dec 14, 2012