Married Bi-curious Lady

I am a married bi-curious/sexual lady.  I still consider myself bi-curious because I don't think that I have had enough experience to call myself a bi-sexual.  I started having fantisies of being with another woman about 5 years ago.  Being a married woman, I kept these feeling to myself.  The thought of my husband finding out about this horrified me.  I grew up in the 70's & 80's in a small town and I don't recall having these feeling then.  However, I do remember that homosexuality and lesbian feelings were not acceptable in my community.  My husband found out about my feeling one night when we had gone out dancing.  We had both been drinking at a club and I ended up asking another woman to dance, something that I had never done.  She made some advances to me and that was all it took.  The next thing I knew, we were in the womans restroom kissing.  I slipped my hand down her pants and had my first feel of another woman.  I can remember it like it was yesterday!  I finally returned to my seat, and needless to say my husband wanted to know what was going on.   The next morning I knew that the "cat was out of the bag" and that I had to come clean and tell my husband of my fantisies.  I told him that I loved him more than anything and that I wouldn't do anything to hurt him or distroy our marriage but that I had a disire to be with another woman.  I was shocked at his response.  He was so... turned on by this.  I couldn't believe it.  I have'nt been with anyone since but would like to be.  I have tryed some different web sites to try to connect with another woman but haven't had much luck.  My husband & I have also talked about having a ********* which I would not be against.  I have a very strong relationship with my husband and do not plan on leaving him for someone else.  Him finding out about my curiousity was the best thing that happened to our relationship.  We fantisize together now and hope to find another woman to play with.

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I will not share your identity with other person. Just try one time n dont hesitate to express your feelings.

That sounds really exciting ...

Wow that was a beautiful story, crazy for me cause I'm open minded and she is not. She says she doesn't like to share. Wish she had those desires or want to be with couples. So I admire your relationship

Well done!! I hope you and your husband find another lovely lady to share you charms with and I wish you all my very best!

My husband enjoys me being with other women. It doesn't happen often, but he doesn't get involved. He finds it erotic and he doesn't worry that I'm going to run off with another woman. My only problem is that I don't want a relationship with these women, and that's where it gets sticky. I just don't have time for another romance. My husband says I have a guy mentality about it :D

Hey all! I am a woman who has been with women in the past, but my life now, my husband isn't into that. And I miss the softness and difference of a woman and curiosity of one. Would love to talk if you are interested!!!!

Hey i m interested n want to be ur frnd

i am bi curious i think about it all the time but i have never found a lady to experiment with