Just Joined The Club!

Hello everyone!

Since I just joined EP it felt polite to make an entry post here, sort of a milestone for the later I hope that's there I guess :)

I sometimes surf the net finding some places to talk, some special sort of people which you can talk with more so than others. Generally I do this out of curiosity but lately I've actually become a little bothered being connected with so few people that can understand how I view things, or care enough about them to end up with interesting conversation and situations. I'm not complaining, I'm trying to reach out a little, that's all, so I'll be snooping around a lot of channels finding out what works!

To those people I may like in the near future... Nice to meet you!
To everyone else. I hope you enjoy EP as much as I intend to do!

Oh and maybe a little about me.... that'd be good.... I'll look around in the profile options.... makes a lot more sense if I can tell something about me there ;) Just give it some time
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2 Responses Dec 19, 2012

Love this^-^
Took the words riight out of my mouth. I'm new to of course :)
EP Seems awesome so far you can tell your stories and more but most of all not be Judged!

I'm glad to you loved it :D
Just beware not to feed yon trolls!
They hide in the shadows >_>

ahh Cute!
I'll beware thanks :)

So u're new.. more accurately u've registered today.. lol.. as long as u're updating stories i'd like to have u as a friend.. :)

Me? Stop talking? That'd be the day!
Sounds fun!

Haha.. thanks.. i'll add u then.. ^__^