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My name is "xylolita", about 28, having sexy body and attractive 34 boobs, remarkable "mound of Venice" and very frank in using dirty/sexy words. It started when I was 12 or 13. One of my friends (a girls of my age) spoke words like "mammay", "choot" etc. (I am south Asian and in our language these are considered very very "dirty" and "sexy" slang words, meaning "boobs/p**sy".). I was surprised, but thrilled to hear. Later she encouraged me to talk like this, as most of the slang words, prohibited for us but freely used by boys, relate to our (girls') body parts.
Using such words while talking with some very close friends boosted my courage and confidence. I found as if I had "rediscovered" myself. I was convinced that why could not I speak about my body, desires and requirements, when it is not prohibited for males. With this mind set I came to USA for higher studies. The open society opened my mind.
It was a lovely day when my BF invited me to his apartment. Petting, hugging and kissing was a routine matter between us, and he liked my "dirty" language. In his apartment we cooked together, and in this process we took off most of the clothes. I was in my bra and panties, he wore only underwear. Kissing and hugging was exotic and erotic. We were chatting and exploring each others' body. I did not know when we both were totally naked, He began to suck my nipples. Oh my god! what a pleasant and hot wave gripped my body. I could not resist saying." suck my nipples one by one; I am enjoying it". It turned him wild. The moment I spoke these words, his fingers touched my p*ssy. It was hot and wet. Nor it was his turn. He said. "honey! your c*nt is very hot and lubricating". My reply was equally erotic," lick my c*nt, put your finger into my boiling and wet "choot".
It was the first ever **** in my life. Now I am married for two years. My hubby is a fantastic guy. On wedding night we were busy with love play. As the time passed and we were very hot, I asked him, " Don't you want to **** me?" He looked at me surprisingly and next moment smiling said," Lovely! I wanted to hear such a language from my wife. You are great. Continue. It has thrilled and energized me." I was very horny too, so I said," you lick my cu*t, I will su*k your co*k". During this game, we both spoke in extreme sexy and dirty language which culminated with a great ****.
I believe that if your partner is wise and knows the psyche of wife who wants to speak sexy language, his cooperation revolutionize sex life, like mine.
xylolita xylolita
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Hi Lolita ,welcome to EP n kya sexy name hai ! I am fascinated by you.Please add me

Domking! I believe you are from South Asia. I love to talk to friends who can understand our native language. Do you agree that slang and sexy words in local/native language arer always sensual and erotic? I have added you. Let us continue. xylolita

Yes I am from South Asia. And I do talk the language, and I find it sexy to talk dirty in our native languages, in addition to English.
Thank you but somehow, the adding has not been completed.
So I tried to add you but could not, EP didn't let me.So will you Please add me again n then I'll add you.
Then I can send you message in our language to your inbox.
Have a sexy day
Love n Hugs

domiking! u can write me lolita.frankatyahoodotcom. I hope it would be clear once u successfully insert proper symbol, i.e., @ and "dot". xylolita