Hey there! I am Rosanne by call my Rose. I am new to this site so excuse me if I am a little slow with getting to know my way around. I am not looking for trouble or anything just a normal person with struggles. I hope I can get to talk to some of you. Thank you.
sleepingrose sleepingrose
18-21, F
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You are no more "sleepingrose" my dear. Having rediscovered yourself and exploring your sensuality & sexuality, you are no more "sleeping"; only "rose". Get up and face the world with courage. I am a woman of 28, name Lolita. Now bold enough to speak sexy language, describing my "secret" body parts and sexual desires in same words the men speak. Can we be friends? If yes you may like to contact me on lolita.frankatyahoodotcom. It is easy to decipher. Isn't it? Lilita

I'm new and i feel the same, having someone else outside your relationship would be good to talk to about things. It helps to have an ear you can talk to. :)