Just Found Ep Accidentally

As the title suggests, I just came across this site on accident. I was searching something, (couldn't remember what was it), and had a click on this site. Finally, I remember what it is. I was trying to google for tips on how to have a baby face. An article about this was luckily found on this site so I read some of it. After a while, I found out other topics in which I think I could relate and aspire to share my stories just as everyone did here. This site covers vast of ideas, lots of social interaction, share of thoughts, etc. Overall, EP has just offered a splendid showcase and a great avenue to initiate social interaction. This is like more interesting than making a blog or whatever. I'm new here. Hopefully, I'll be sharing more stories in the future.
Have a great day everyone. :)
Blackmolly Blackmolly
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I found EP accidentally too!! Looking forward to your future posts blackmolly! Good luck :)