Lacking Patience

I've been with my boyfriend for 7 months or more, we broke up and he promised to change for real and we got back together. He has changed and its been a really big deal, since i started to surrender he has been talking more, is happier and is trying a lot more. I'm having trouble with waiting for him to find a job, I understand the economy is bad. I'm having trouble minding my own business and i want to yell at him to check for jobs and put out effort. I think i need more self-care time, it is so tempting to take the bait and say something because he's not putting as much effort as I would. He isn't me and he has a different process but i wish it was faster! I think im going to have a girl night and maybe i'll be more relaxed and not care as much about what he is doing. I need to just duct tape it and worry about myself. I have to have faith that things will get better eventually and he will step up and keep up with me. I'm having patience issues and focusing on him is a lot easier that focusing on the things I'm not doing. Focus on myself, self-care, don't take the bait and focus on myself.Writing things out helps with the whole process.
egray1770 egray1770
22-25, F
Jan 8, 2013