I Guess I Don't Have It That Horrible...

After reading a lot of you guys' stories and what you've been through, I'm almost 100% positive I have it easy. I mean, some of you were kidnapped, and just imagining if I was in your place makes me so much more aware of how that kind of stuff seriously happens all the time, even when it doesn't seem like it does. ~
I couldn't imagine what it would be like getting raped or molested. Actually, I could, but it just doesn't seem realistic, you know? I've never met anyone who has been raped, kidnapped, or molested, so I'm not really exposed to those kinds of things, so reading all of the stories that I have, puts me in complete shock. They're the kinds of stories people should really listen to, because you never know if that could happen to you too, someday. It really scares me!
xlimitededitionx xlimitededitionx
Jan 8, 2013