My Father Raped Me When I Was 5 Yrs Old.

I had flashbacks just recently .
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I was molested by an Uncle when I was 14 and i have never totally gotten over it it resonates in the back of my mind. And i still respond when people try and touch me in that same fashion. My prayers are with you and stay strong allow people into your life that are worthy

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Those memories just never leave you, do they.

No they don't.

I am so sorry to hear about the whole ordeal, but the flashbacks would only be reminders to make the experience even worse. I hope that you have some kind of professional help.

I did have therapy, Thank you.

thats terrible gal

Thank you.

I'm sorry for your bad experience. :'-(

Thank you.

Your very welcome.

I have flashback of someone engulfing me so that I could not breathe and I feel as if I am choking.... I get this feeling out of nowhere and it makes me feel so out of control. I don't know if I was raped or not but I know someone did something to me when I must have been really young and I have no memory of the exact thing that was done to me.

Can explain your flashback?
Thank you for your courage.
You inspired me to speak of something I would never speak to anyone.

Yes, first I want to thank you, for coming forward,it very brave of you, and I'm here
for you. Believe it or not I was in a car,riding quite long distance,and I started
almost going into a trance watching the scenery,and I started to remember my
childhood, my farther, on the bed. Him touching me,and saying it was o.k.
I felt dirty, and ashamed... But I'm o'k now, and I hope you will be too!!!!

I wish I could remember the details....

Well, to be truthful I wish I had never remembered.

That's so hard to deal with. I knew a girl who was raped by her brother when he was 14 ans she was 10. Her Mother refused to get either one of them help. She's 43 now and her brother lives with his girlfriend at mom's house, eats get food and spends all of his disability money on cocaine. My friend has many trust issues, especially when it comes to trusting men. Their mother didnt do right by either of them....Keep talking Greeneyes, and if you believe, go with god....

God bless you! Sorry just found your reply, I'm kind of new at this .

Dont be have nothing to be sorry about....

God bless you all, that sported me!

I've been in a similar situation, let me know if you need to talk.

That took a lot of courage to even write those few yet powerful words.

Thank you, I must talk about it.

I agree, this will help others to come out and talk about what happened to them, by doing so this will speed up there recovery

Thank you, so much.

Thank you . I'm o'k. I have had therapy.

That's sad sweetheart. Are you ok? Do you need any help?

I'm really sorry to hear this happened to you, to be so brave as to write about it shows you are taking steps and making great strides in order to move forwards with your life, and you mentioned the therapy you have had..good for you're taking control back now...i wish you all the best ..great post and i'm sure it will help others who has had the same thing happen to them.. stay strong my friend...:)