Sex Talk

It is my first story, though I have been reading EP stories for many months. I am from India, teaching in a university. I love nudity and sexy talk but with chosen ones. Normally I avoid social gatherings, enjoy reading and writing on social issues. My first wife has gotten divorce because she did not like my life attitude, that I prefer nudity (indoor and outdoor), and used sexy talk with her. She was very religious minded, did not uncover her body, even during intercourse, and hated my way of talking. My present wife (I call her phuddi jan) is very sexy, open in talking like me. It is her second marriage. What a coincident that she was desperate with her first husband because she wanted to stay nude most of the time and use all sort of so-called filthy & sexy language.
We first met in a seminar arranged by the University. She had come from Hyderabad to attend it. During 3 days seminar we discussed a number of subjects but within the orbit of decency. We departed exchanging e-mail address and phone numbers.
One night I was reading a book on sex when I got her SMS, asking what was I doing. I frankly told her. She further asked if I liked the subject. My reply was in affirmative which prompted her to suggest a few titles.l had already read three of them: all containing erotic and explicit description. There I got clue that she was not a shy girl. During exchange of SMSs I disclosed about my nudity. She was excited, saying that it was wonderful which she desperately wanted to practice.
Next night was the repetition of the previous one, but more open talk. She ( I call her Sweet Phuddi) took initiative by asking what did I feel alone, in the absence of woman, especially when I was totally nude. I was again frank to tell her: ************ or intercourse with gf. Then I asked frequency of her being f***ed by husband. she was not enthusiastic. She revealed that once a week, and that her husband took off clothes only at the time of fu***g her, while she preferred not to put on dress most of the time. She further told that his co**k is thin, merely 4 inches which could not satisfy her insatiable sex drive. She asked the size of my c**k. I told 7 inches. There was a moan of excitement. Now our sexy talk, using all the slang/dirty words started. She told that she wanted to speak with husband in such a "filthy" language which aroused her extremely, but he did not appreciate.
So it was reverse: my wife and her (SP's) husband were like minded while SP and I were of same frequency. She would tell how she had been sucking husband's c**k, getting herself fu***ed suggesting different poses, but herself unsatisfied. Once she confessed without inhibition that she had been fantasizing sucking my c***k, swallowing the juice, ans also taking hard co**k into her pu**y. She was using all the words in local language. Listening words like "choot", "phuddi". "lun", "loda", "chudai" etc had a marvelous effect on me. I told her that my ""lun"" was extremely erect, wanting her "choot". a few minutes later i told that I was ************. She was practicing the same.
Once she asked me to send my nude photo with fully erected "lun". I agreed asking for hers. A few minutes later i received her many photos thru e-mail, all totally nude, in various poses, also fingering her p**sy. Very erotic and sexy. I send her mine. There was again a moan of extreme excitement.
She would often ask my favorite pose and place for fu***g. Without exaggeration I narrated various poses adding that I did not confine to bed room, rather I preferred sex in open, in kitchen, on stairs and many many other places. She envied. Once she asked if I had had intercourse with boy. Never. And *** penetration with ex of gf? Yes! I tries once with ex but she cried, hence an incomplete act. Oh yes! with my gf i have penetrated into her *** many times. SP again envied regretting that once her husband did penetrate which she did not enjoy because he did not lubricate *** despite her suggestion.
At another time she suggested 3-some, that she, me and my gf saying that how wonderful it would be: one "lun", two "phuddian", i.e., one c**k, two pu***ies. Once she desired to listen to talk and voices while fu***g my gf. She herself proposed to connect phone call and keep it close to our sex game place. I did it without taking my gf into confidence though later I apologized. Surprisingly she was excited and offered to repeat.
Our sex talk and verbal fu***ng (over telephone) continued for many months. She had repeatedly expressed her desire to be fu***d by me, suck my c**k, and me to lick her boobs and pu**y. The opportunity came after about 8 months when we were again together in a 4-days workshop. For the first time we saw each other totally nude in reality. She was fluent in sexy talk, asking me to lick "my MAMMAY (boobs) and wet "choot", the pu**y. She was full of praise of my c**k, saying repeatedly how fantastic to be f***ed by it. (Actually she was speaking in local language that "aap k lun ko apni choot k andar dalnay aur chudwane ke waste meri phudda machl rahi thi".). So erotic, so sensual, so sexy! I fu***d her wildly, she too was more than active player.
Next night my gf also participated, as desired by SP. It was wonderful. My firs experience of 3-some. After fore-play while my c**k was inside SP's pu**y, she was licking pu**y of my gf like an experienced lesbian. SP smiling confessed that during college/university period she had been involved in lis sex.
Three months later SP got divorce and so we married. Our sex life is wonderful, full of adventures and many many initiatives.
The introductory story is very lengthy, I realize. Subsequent experiences would be shared if readers like this story. Onr thing I must clear that not an iota in this story is fabricated or imaginary. I have not mentioned many things, but each word is true. Truth is always fascinating and thrilling.

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Jan 9, 2013