Being An Only Child

In FEB of 2008 i lost my Father to a heartattack that was the saddest day of my life he was only 70 years old full of life even though his health was not the best, me and my Mother stuck together though our grieving time.Life went on it was hard for her and me ..slowly her health started failen she was a diabetic and later the same year lost a leg she didnt let that stop her next following year lost the other leg and had to be put on dialysis which didnt work she took herself off the treatments because her port would keep getting an infection it happened 18 times so she said no more the Dr.told her she would live at least 2 weeks she told the Dr. she wasnt going nowhere so they release her in 2009 to hospice..i had to discharge them because she was dong good and i needed help from longterm care.Finally she moved in her appt moved out of my house on her own my Mother was so full of life made her own grocery wanted to get out and do for herself when i got her a powerchair.Then on Saturday 2012 nine days before her birthday she had a heartattack just like my Father.....I would tell people when i knew they lost there parent im sorry and i was but never knew how it felt and im telling u 4 months ago i been lost without them its like how do i live without them never hearing there voices never seeing them its soooo lonely without them i never had a sister r brother so i cant miss that but i had my Mother and Father all i have is memories,people say time will heal...i dont see that...because i know all i want is them back and thats not going to happen.god want them more so i dont know if time will ever heal loss when u r an only chid
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Jan 10, 2013