No More Powders!

I first tried weed when i was about 13 and have done it daily for nearly 2 years now. I haven't had any really bad experiences with weed, but my mind is a very ****** up place none the less. one day me and my best friend were talking and we decided as we always bun up together that we wanted to try some harder drugs... so we did.

MDMA was first. I had no idea what to expect because it was my first time, but still we thought we'd be safe and buy a gram to share. After about 4 lines, i was feeling amazing, loving everything and everyone and then suddenly mid-sentence a horrible noise came from the bottom of my stomach out of my mouth. I was so ****** up that i have no idea what i was thinking at the time but my best friend told me he thought i was going to be sick, so instantly i got up and went outside. I looked up at the sky and remember thinking '****, i'm going to be sick and i'm going to die'. I was sick pure white stuff and my friend next to me was telling me i'd be fine and instantly i felt amazing, more amazing than i felt earlier. I ran back in to all of my friends and told them all i had just chuck rushed but just didn't care and felt amazing. The night went on, we smoked some weed and walked home at early hours in the morning. The night sleep was horrendous and the next day i felt like **** and was depressed for about 2 weeks but the experience was amazing.

Now because of that experience i decided to try MMC, disgusting. So scatty. Never again. Then recently i thought i would try MDMA again as everyone was doing it again. Me and my best friend again bombed some each and sat and waited. 40 minutes exactly until this feeling came over me and scared me. I started to think, '****. I don't actually want to be on this drug right now'. I started to get butterflies to the extreme making me feel like i was going to be sick and i wanted to be sick. I then went outside on my own just embracing the dark night but being left on my own was a bad idea. I went back inside and told him we were going for a walk so i could feel better. We were walking down this spoony alleyway, both in our onesies and my phone started ringing. I instantly thought it was my mum because she was upstairs while we were doing it, but luckily it was one of our friends, he was on MDMA too and he was with about 4 other boys. I instantly felt better because other people were on the drug too. We all hugged and embraced and i started to feel a little better. I decided to walk around this field over and over again because i thought i'd die otherwise. I looked to where all the boys were and saw people crawling. My best friend instantly called over 'Chloe, its okay its just Charlie and Olly trying to spoon us out' my reply 'Thank you!' The night went on, weird things in my mind happened, the boys faces changed but i tried not to appreciate it. Then a car turns up and best friend runs off and throws up a lot because he was scared. I tried to comfort him and then we went back to mine to sleep.

I haven't touched powders since and am scared to do so. I still smoke weed everyday but don't plan on doing drugs. I couldn't sleep for months after and have never been the same since.
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Jan 10, 2013