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Someone , anyone tell me that there is life to live out there. I'm now just 50 yrs old and I'm not going through menopause or pre menopause.I'll try to condense my ranting or my life.I come from a family that holidayed together,and has outings together,we had fun.e.g drive inns,camping,water skiing,diving,hiking.When my mum died at 16-17 my dear sweet father remarried 3 mths after her death,4-6 weeks after he meet our dear sweet mother .(step mother) I were kicked out of home after being belted 3-4 times a week on behalf of her.As my life took a different turn,the people I meet never have my interests. I've spent my life searching for people that I have things in common with,so I can pick up where I left off.All as my ex wanted to do was smoke weed,drink with his mates.Now my husband just works and watches T.V with the occasional trip to the beach. I'm so ******* board,how do people live like this,why do people live like this.We only have one life.Every holiday I've had,it's been with my daughter and one of her friends,she's a teenager.Or everything is done on my own. I'm so lonely and board,my family has drifted apart,the bills.repayments never stop long enough to save for another holiday or outing.There has to be more to life then this or what is the point.
Lesely Lesely
51-55, F
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Hi Lesely
Welcome to EP, it's all about sharing.
Maybe try something new for 2013 get rid of the bordom.
Something you enjoy doing anyway take care, hope to see you around.
Have fun, Cheers

Thanks sweaty for your comment,Exactly,2013 is going to be a new year for me. I'm going to learn to do things that I like,even if it's on my own.I suffer from depression,so! this is going to take a lot of willpower,I have to though to be happy;so! this year I'm going to be a little selfish I hope and indulge in me.If that makes sense.