Farewell Soon Ep!

Farewell soon, all the people that I've met and chatted with. I'll be gone in a few weeks.

I opened an EP account at the end of December, just to try it out.  I had an old roommate in college who loved this site. I never understood the appeal, but she told me to just try it once in real life.  Well I talked to her about a month ago and remembered what she had said way back then.  I had never joined a social media site before, so I figured "What the hell".  I'll try it out for a month or so.  Well I've decided that in a few weeks time, I will be gone from EP forever.

I've decided that Social Media just isn't for me.  I'd rather sit down in real life with actual people and do fun things together, then sit on my *** in front of a computer screen.  I feel like I've spent so much time the last few weeks on EP when I could have been doing something much more useful.  I'd never really make true friends online anyway, I'm too much of a private and closed off person to even try such a thing online-when it is so much easier in person.  
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Jan 10, 2013