Bdd Sufferer. Pls Help Me

I will not beat around the bush.

I'm 18 years old currently college student BTW i'm a girl. During my childhood days I experienced having bad skin that triggered my former classmates to bully me. I transferred from one school to another but somehow I found a way to make it through college. My happiness isn't easy to grasp anymore because I always take my morning ritual and if everything doesn't look right then I will automatically be depressed. Somehow I'm managing not to take my emotions to control the things I have to do.

Morning rituals will consist of 2 hours just applying my dermatologist product. My mom said that my skin have improved a lot but I can't help myself from thinking bad things about myself. In school I've always noticed how people look at me in a weird way. I only wear mascara and lip gloss so I don't really have an idea what's going on. I've told my mom about it and she said that maybe it's just all in my head and my BDD. I guess i just have to believe her because I want to feel better and to feel good about my self again. In school or even outside,when ever I see people whispering at each other I automatically think that they're mocking about my appearance. My relatives also contributed because since I was a kid they always pick out my flaws and truth to be told it affected my life. BTW im into running and I'm following my dermatologist advice. In school though there are time when I feel pretty but when I come across whom I don't like it's automatic for me to feel inferior. PLS HELP ME.
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Jan 11, 2013