I'm Néw Here

Okay so I have a serious problem!! So I'm 13 and in 6th grade and I'm in love!his name is Kyle and here's our story:so it was about the second week of school and I just started noticing how charming hot and funny Kyle is,and I developed a crush.and pretty much every day I would tell my friends "I wanna go out with him so bad!!" and they would say, "well ask him out!!" ad let's just say ima very shy person because there was an incident in our assembly st school In 1st grade!!SO one day my best friend decided at lunch she was going to ask him out FOR ME!!well,he rejected me.BUt in my defense I barely knew him at the time and now time has went on and we are really tight but not dating!but I'm getting there.but I really need advice!!!;)
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Jan 13, 2013