Women Who Have No Self Respect Is A Definitive Turnoff.

About seven years ago before i got married or even engaged , i was called out to a block of flats for an electrical fault in one of the flats - Our company was the designated service provider for this block of flats and every tennant in this block of flats was aware of this and who of the company was on call every week.

This particular tennant had made a pass at me about a week before this incedent but i made it off as she beeing friendly at the time .

Upon my arrival at her flat i rang the door bell and she came to answer the door in a g-string and a chivon overgarment- now you can call me what you like but I don't for one moment think that i caught her at a disadvantage or that she did not know i was comming out to her flat for she actualy phoned me .
She is actualy quite good looking but there must be something left to imagination.

I went into the flat and I asked her to put on something decent for one of my assistants was on his way up with the rest of the tools . Then she asked me why i brought an assistant along ?

Well needless to say I was not the most popular guy at that stage , for she wasnt only looking for electrical assistance .

I was put off to such an extent that i still dispise a girl / woman who has no self respect .

To this day she cant look me in the eye - when we run into one another in town she drops her head and walk away.

harde74 harde74
Jan 15, 2013