Im Lost And Creeped Out.

For the last 8nights consecutively I've the same dream but it seems to continue every time and its gets vividly creepy each time with every extension.
It started with my mom sending to visit my half-brother whom I just getting to know exsist and they made me catch a bus. The first four nights it started with the ride going but the last four nights its beginned with the me leaving and catching a private bus that was cheaper than normal but looked reliable. I had a few friends with me, whom I met up there, and we all were bored as **** but they fall asleep but I dont. Im walking around and notice that the driver isn't driving its been nightfall for 2hours and we havent moved but the bus feels like its in motion. Its one of those bus that VERY similar to a tour bus mixed with an RV but is a bus. I notice this critter nasty claw like fingers drool drippingfrom such an hideous face, steam escaping its openings and it goes in to about 3rooms and feast on people'sstomach area and kept a glass full of extrablood from the victims...Then I wake up
Then it resumes with me asking my companions if they noticed anything weird they say no. I encouraged a few to walk with me but they all are too lazy to fight sleep and check out my theory. That changes in a few when they wake up and notices a fellow bus buddy of ours hasn't returned. We all walk around the bus and NOBODY is there not even the critter nor the driver. Then we notice peopl at McDonalds they were relieved but I wasn't. I wake up
It resumes again with us getting back on the bus still wondering where has our buddy gone to, the driver said we havent passed any stops and no passengers has exited but now the bus smells clean like house cleansing products. Nightfalls again, and the bus is missing its driver then I see the driver from the corner where im hiding transform in to the critter this time its more of an demonic look an as if it has been evolving. It devours 6people and this little white light sphere shaped transmitts from the victim to the critter and the createn becomes more uglier and bigger.
I wake up...
It last resumed with it devouring me and friends and thats how it repeats these last two nights but differently but each time im devoured last as if I was what it has been waiting for....
What does this Mean???
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

It means you need some psychological treatment. You should tell someone about this. It seems like a creepy dream, though.