Desperado's And Sickos

This place is loaded with desperately horney men and women. Wow, really? Can't find anything at home...or at the Pretty gross stuff Ive seen so far. One guy had on a pair of see through baby's plastic pants with his ****** sticking through the top...and a garder belt. Another just showed his tiny weener. Girls all over with tongues & boobs hanging out. I don't know if this is the experience I had in mind...when I joined.
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I know I'm dropping into this conversation without being invited but; In one statement you say that Yoga is podswaddle,then you belive in God....and yet you truly believe that there's a 'BigFoot' and a 'Giant Squid' in the don't like witches but seem to believe she had a power over you..........all EP members are raving perverts and wear transparent panties.......!!!<br />
And if this is supposed to be the corner shop then what'll the Supermarket be like?<br />
So to conclude: What do you want us to answer,if at all you really wish to obtain an answer?.....I've been thinking on how I can answer even one of your stories,well,more like 'Statements',as a story has a beginning,middle and ending.....usually!<br />
What happens if I meet a Yogi Master who's a Witch and is married to a big hairy guy that lives in the snow and that their kids all look like giant I take photos and send them to you,along with little captions so that you don't loose the thread?<br />
Deadindallas points out that some here on EP are not all healthy God-fearing abiding citizens,some have motivations that are left to be desired...others are fun and's quite a colourful place really!<br />
Try reading 'Sex at Dawn'....a scientific approach to the enigma of Love,Life and sexual attraction.It might help you to catch onto why some are scratching at your window!!!

Im lonely but not a weirdo or pervert like u described. Funny cuz ur right thas mostly all u find online. To answer ur question can't find anyone decent at th corner store. I tried that early on. At this point its not even about finding anybody anymore its just passing time while waiting to die


It will be a constant battle for you as a woman to keep those people away from you. Not everyone is here for sex but some are just trolling.

this place has some good and bad - my husband call me a "prude" well he's being nice I guess, lol, I don't like raunch maybe I should hang out else where