I've been pondering posting for a few days now, not sure what to say or how to start or where to put it. So I'll start with random stuff! I've been trolling EP for around a month now. Reading peoples different stories/confessions/questions and the like. I finally felt guilty, reading about all of you people when you know nothing of me. So here it goes.

First off, I'm 27. I was born on the 4th of July and for years I thought every one was celebrating my birthday, and for years my parents let me think that! Until I finally figured out the connection through school.

I try to keep as much of an open mind to things as I can. I'm a gamer, a reader, a caregiver, a music lover, an animal lover, a nature lover. I'm very conflicted in my beliefs and not quite sure of where I stand on different subjects. I judge on a base by base, taking in what I can about things and then letting my view on it be known. I'm good with electronics and technology on an instinctual level. I can fix things like computers and other devices with out really knowing what I'm doing. If that makes sense.

I believe that's enough for now. I can post this now and at least have it up so the people I've been reading about will have something to read about me!
MasqueradingAs MasqueradingAs
31-35, M
Jan 20, 2013