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Seriously Curious

My greatgrandmorher is from cuba,my mom is cherokee,creole and african american and my mothers grandfather was creole high yellow with green eyes. people ask me what am I mixed with cause the indian side of me stands out especially my jet black silky hair and cheek bones.
teehoyle teehoyle 46-50, F 1 Response Jan 21, 2013

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You describe yourself in a nice way. My mind's eye sees a very pretty woman. I have a kind of weakness and keenness for more dark skinned women. I think that kind of beauty is so natural. I am so surprised that more men and women of other ethnic groups don't date and get married more. Especially someone being afraid of getting close to a dark skinned woman if a light skinned man or the other way around.. is venturing into a relationship. I say let bigots talk they aren't important any way.
I may have gone too far afield with my comment. But someone needs to say it I think.