I'm Trez. I like talking to random people, helping those in need and smiling at old people on buses. I have zero interest in finding a "love match" on here, I already have my husband to be. Just thought I would say hello to the wider world.
TreZ1 TreZ1
26-30, F
3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Hey, I think we have alot in common. Im helpful to ppl. I like to run. I like going to olive garden and red lobster. Not that I get to very often. I think you mentioned moving. Message me again some time. Thanks!

I as well like talking with people and if I can help in anyway I will and I happen to think old people are and can be cute.

That is the best new member story I have read. We have some things in common, I like smiling at old people too and children lol=)