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Love and Loss

My Story is one you could have heard before.  it was a week after the twin towers in New York went down and I was in my apartment alone.  I was on line downloading music and chating with my neice who was around 15 or so and she was chatin with what was to become my love of my life and someone I spent 8 wonderfull years with.  I married her 3 years ago and she and i have lots of problems with our bodies.  I have back and feet and eye problems and Stacey had heart problems.


     Stacey Died oct 27,2008 at the foot of our bed.  She was standing up getting dressed to go to see her heart doctor and I was down stairs feeding our pet birdies, when all of a sudden i hear her screaming.  I ran upstairs and she looked at me and she looked really bad.

     I called 911 to get an amblance and she sat down on the floor and she held my hand and just looked at me.  A few seconds later she let my hand go and she laid down on the floor and started to spit up things and turning blue.  I tryed cpr till the police and the rescue came but I couldn't save her.

     she was worked on over an hour in the emergencey room but they couldn't save her.  I'm totally destroid and I'm trying to go on.

    I love her so much and I miss her and this house and my life is so empty without her


LoveStacey LoveStacey 36-40, M 97 Responses Nov 3, 2008

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so sorry

I'm sorry this happened. Death is never good. You could try filling your life with something else, something bette. Here, read this, it might make you feel better:

Sucks for you, don't beat yourself up over it, find some better *****.

*facepalm* Insensitive dumbass.

Cherish the wonderful moments you shared with her. She will always be with you. Talk to her when you're alone. Tell her how you feel. I believe she's listening to you. Let yourself heal because she would want you to be happy. She would want you to live life to the fullest. Good luck and I will pray for you.

Christians, *Sigh*

Just because you pray doesn't mean you're a Christian. Nothing wrong with bringing love into the world.


Dont comment on this, if you want to be a dickhead

Couldnt of said it any better myself mate

Is that supposed to threaten me?

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My sympathies for your loss. Love is such a great thing that the loss of it seems to be the greatest challenge in life. I'd like to offer the thought that in the moments when you feel worst, try to think of her and express your thoughts to her; hopefully, you will sense she understands and you will be able to breathe deeply (or smile with a memory) and perhaps find yourself moving on to the next moment. If you never stop trying, you keep her and memories of her in a good place for the both of you.

That's a really heavy loss! I hope moving on and time makes living easier for you! Take care...

sorry for your lost only time can heal hurt i lost 7 family members now my husband on march 8 2012 i know the pain u feel

Omg my heart goes out to you. Just remember what yous both had and smile at those memorus. Shel always be by your side and i dont think she would want to see you upset and unhappy. God bless yoou :)

The hardest part of life sometimes is realizing we have to go on - even though we might hurt, might be sad, or be grief stricken. No words can take away your pain, but, appreciate what you have had. I invite you to join life for the here and now and become an involved person in life again. Remember what you have lost with sadness and appreciate but make sure you have moved on. You have something to offer someone - don't forget that! Hang in there - people do care even though they may not show it! My heart goes out to you! Take care. <br />

I lost my wife of 18 years she past away in bed I found her the next morning I know how hard it is god be with you

im ssoooo sorry! i havent experienced death but i cant even imagine your pain

My heart goes out to you friend. such terrible pain and no one else can ease it. God give you strength, comfort and peace in your heart. It's such a wonderful thing when two people love each other the way you did. Love will never cease.

I'm Sure she was the light of your life. ( it sure sounds like it). Just know she is watching over you and praying for you each and every day! she wants you to find happiness in your life on earth and i know she wants you to find someone who wjp sjares the same beliefs as you. God Bless!

Correction: "Who shares" the same beliefs as you


i too lost alot of family members in a short time 5 infact . nana went first that wasnt so bad. <br />
my brother hung himself, my mum died of a broken heart , then two years later, my two nephews aged 2 and 3 burnt to death . how i get though it , i dont think about them much or try not to . when i do i believe they are all togerther round the lords table having a ball. so sorry debra

If what you are saying is guilt at marrying your neice, my dauhte is marrying my stepson

What are you talking about. Maybe you got on the wrong page dear.

hi my name is diane moss ,welcome all new joiners you will really like this ,site i hav'nt been on here the last few month's ,i had to get me a new internet service,so again welcome and enjoy i love to write ,so this is a perfect web-site for me cause i love trying to help someone,and try to let them know we all come from the same ,walk of life and we all from the same circle......welcome dianemoss.

hi my heart goes out to you, the same way with my mom,me and my friend was talking to my mother on the phone ,then i said mama she never answer then my neice was walking through the house ,heard me screaming on the phone ,she said hello i said to her what is wrong with mama ,she then started to say grama grama ,then she start screaming i knew then something was wrong ,my brother ran in the living rm where she was sitting @ all the time they call 911 ,but thank god the paramedics revived her ,rush her to mountsiania hsp.where they kept her.but make a long story short ,my mother pass away dec,26 2002 so i fill you but she want you to remember all the goood times god call her home ,nothing you can do but hold on to the good memeories ,what yall shared together, she or he love's you remember that, bless's gone be ok hold on to god's unchanging hands's ........amen.

I am new to this site & just read your story, my youngest daughter had the same experience with the love of her life, he too had heart problems, he came home from work on 1/21//09 hollered for her as she ran to him he died in her arms, it was their 9 year anniversary! We all loved our sweet Adam, so we understand your pain, May God Bless you, and let me please say this "love NEVER dies"....

honey, it is a hard road, but if you allow it, you WILL rcover.<br />
you had the peace of being loved at the end. <br />
<br />
That may not not sound like a great "trade off"<br />
let me share =my story<br />
<br />
I was divorced. I had a 5 yr old daughter abd a 2 yr olf son<br />
we met, we dated, he met my children and they liked him<br />
we got maried <br />
one week before our 5th anniversary<br />
I got a call at work, from the police<br />
my husband ( who I had taught Sunday school with)<br />
had been accused of sexualy molesting my 12 yr old daughter <br />
..... for 5 years prior to that. She was 7 years old and I never knew<br />
I also have a son who was 9 at the time of the divorce.<br />
we all made it through. there were issues, a lot of them. but we are all still here, and we are all still looking for tomorrow. <br />
How can you ask for more?rI admit, there are days when i ask Gof to please take me from this horible , dragging on life. And when he doesnt, itmeans that I am not done here.

that is a heartbreaking story...

lovestacy i want you to know i can identify with your loss , but i want you to thing on all the good thing and fun time that you had with her wild she was here on the earth . that's where you look , and see the good out of this . remmember God has a time and a season for all of use to be on the earth in this body and he gives life and he is the only one that can take it away . remmember she heard you calling her to come back but she heard another voice saying come my daughter and i will give you rest and eternal and peace.

I know its hard losing some one the way you did and whats hard for me is knowing I am losing some one to breast cancer, no matter how you lose some one and how much it really hurts

I read your experience. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I feel so sad for you. My heart goes out to you in every way. I wish I could shelter some of your pain for you. Some people will say, "Oh in time you will get over it." <br />
<br />
But you know what? <br />
<br />
This type of experience is something that stays with us forever and a day. That feeling of helplessness is so truly difficult to overcome. <br />
<br />
I am sorry you had to experience such a heart wrenching event. Take care.

How precious to have been loved and shared time with the one you love. How sad that it was such a short time. I have lost a few deeply loved ones, and it takes time to be able to celebrate their lives without constant pain. But that is what you must do; celebrate her life. What a lovely place to share your favourite memories, and introduce others to her very special qualities. I wish you peace and acceptance of what is, and joy and happiness as you remember the good times and wnderful things about your life with her. Be blessed x

I am so sorry for your loss . . . it's really sad to lose someone you love soo much, but i sincerely hope that you'll be able to recover and heal from this and i know it's only time that can do that. <br />
<br />
Of course, she'll ALWAYS be in your heart that's for sure, but at the same time try to go on with your life and find comfort in knowing that she's in Heaven and in a good place, at peace. <br />
I just lost my mom six mos. ago, while i was away in Germany, and although it's not the same, i'm still grieving for her, but i do find that prayer helps, so you could try that, and also know that in time the sting of the loss will lessen, and i also agree with others that she would want you to go on with your life and feel happy again -you deserve that too. I wish you well, take good care, and feel free to talk anytime.

i am so sorry. i know its not much but its all i can provide, for i am only 13. again, i am SO sorry ):

You hate to beleive that the love of your life has gone. the only hope and wiah you have is that she isn't suffering any more. As long as she is in your thoughts and heart, she will always live within you.<br />
In spriit I know that she wants you to be happy and live on. The love you two shared is powerful, never let that dim

I am so sorry for your loss. I almost lost my brother due to him being hit by a drunk driver. Even though I had this experience I cannot begin to imagine the pain and sorrow you must be going through. I'm sorry.

Oh may God bless and comfort you and I truly pray you listen to him while you try to carry on - God is always there and ready to assist you even tho there are many times you don't feel Him. I have lost<br />
quite a few loved ones and while I say I get along now I know I'm not the same. You'll never forget - that's your tribute - but the pain does get better . It takes time. It takes knowing that you have many who care and a lot more than you think.You've been thru a lot and so I ask you to always know God knows what He's doing and that He loves you dearly. Some things are hard to hear and do when you're hurting so bad but I promise you (God did it for me) it will get easier. I'm so sorry.