I Love Small Boobs And Spying Through The Hole At Small Boobs :P

I love small boobs so much,
I love it when a girl wears a low cut or baggy top and a bra that is slightly too big, that way u can see their nipples when they lean forward,
I love aaa cup or aa or a cup bra sizes...the smaller the better.

I think its because when I was younger like 11....at the local swimming pool, there was 3 separate changing areas, one all male, one all female and one family section, the male and female you had to walk into through a door, the family section was open with cubicles, in the cubicles were little spy holes someone had done, there were around 6 family changing cubicles and in each of them was a hole.

sometimes I used to go swimming on my own, just to look through the holes, most times I would go with friends, some friends would come in with me and look and **********, which would also turn me on, im not gay I just like sexual things.

one time i was looking a group of girls and a mum went in the cubicle i was spying on,
The Girls--rough ages and description
9yr old---thin, no boobs no pubic hair cute and blonde looking
12 yr old---thin, aa cup bra pubic hair and brown hair, quite pretty
12-13yr old-- nice figure, b cup boobs, no pubic hair, brown hair and not as pretty
abby 14yr old....no boobs, great thin figure, hairy fanny beautiful cute face
16yr old--c cup boobs, pubic hair blonde hair, gorgeous
40yr old--mum, big boobs, hairy fanny curvy but in shape figure

anyway as the girls were changing, with my **** throbbing its little heart out, stood hard to attention, probly had no pubs at this stage as i was around 11-12 lol, the girls undressed, and i noticed there was one in the corner who hadn't yet good changed while the others had got into their bikinis, wer i could see pubic hair on vaginas, small boobs medium boobs and the mum with big boobs and a really hair fanny, next one girl said to the girl who hadn't got changed "whats up?" and the girl replied "im too shy i don't want to get dressed infront of everyone" they joked about and urged her to get undressed but she didn't want to...the mum then said "leave her alone were go put our stuff in the locker and Abby can get dressed" they all the left except the mum, the eldest girl took the rest out of the girls out the changing room and left for the pool.

the mum spoke to the girl abby, and said "you don't need to worry about ur body hunni, your beautiful in everyway!" and then gave her a cuddle, abby replied "but im ugly, have no boobs and everyone takes the **** out of me im 14 and look like a kid" the mum said "don't be daft, take your cloths off and ill show u my body and u can compare" abby was reluctant to take her cloths off, but the mum helped her by tugging at her baggy jumper, abby then took her top of and revealed her flatchest, she had no bra on as she didn't need one i guess, her boobs looked like a lump then her nipple, but i loved the!! i could feel my penis ready to explode, i dared touch it as i knew i would *** and i wanted this sight to last for ever, abby was acting all shy and nervous holding her hands over her breasts and then the mum took her bikini top of and pulled down her bikini bottoms and said "there, see were both girls, u don't have to be ashamed, plus you have an amazing figure, take off ur bottoms and put ur bikini on" abbey did as she was told and got naked, just about to put her bikini on when the mum said "come here" and gave her a hug with one hand landing on her naked bum and the other around her holding her tight for a few seconds, then moved her out to arms length and then the mum put both of her hands on abbys boobs and said "don't worry they are fine!" it looked like she gave them a gentle squezz and then said "ohh they are coming through babe u can feel them, hold mine and they are soft feel urs and u can feel them" so abby reached out and held the mums, imagine how i felt, seeing 2 naked women one older women and one sexy young fresh shy teen. i then ********** squirting out watery **** as it was back then......they both then giggles and left the changing room...what an experience for my young eyes.....thanks
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26-30, M
Nov 4, 2013