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Talk to Me Baby

Hi everybody, I'm new here. I signed up to find some people like me who don't fit anywhere, I'm too anxious to socialize and never have anything amusing to add to a conversation and therefore have no friends.

If you wanna talk to me, don't worry I won't judge you or scrutinize what you say, you don't even have to say anything, because I understand you.

Love, whiskerz.

whiskerz whiskerz 31-35, M 100 Responses Nov 12, 2008

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I don't have issues on being with people any race or personality. Just feel down lately but hope to be okay real soon. Cheer up guys.....

As I'm shy and introvert, I also have a problem to have friends.
And I feel that my life is boring like me...

Exactly, except I d have one or two friends. but even so, I make it very awkward because I can't keep a conversation going :(

i feel the same way! is it cool if i friend everyone on this page? lol

So am i.

Hi how ar u i need 2know u c3n i b3 ur.......+....,,,?

I am probably the opposite to you,but allwsays have boyfriends that are exactly like you!don`t know what to make of that! I`m happy to c hat with you if you need to.

I socialize just fine....on the outside...what is going on in the inside is another matter. I absolutely KNOW I am from a different planet...If They only knew the thoughts rolling through my to EP....x

I will be happy to chat. and hope to find best people here like me. Love to all

feel the same way. thats one of the reasons i joined. sometimes i say the wrong things at the wrong times and then mosyly hardly say yes or no and look like a fool but maybe we could chat through tis site?

Whiskerz I an a new friend, I to feel I am from another planet. I find it hard to talk and make friends. It would be nice if we all could have a quit place to read, coffee, tea, or just listen to some music and share in the spirit our love for each other. That would be real cool!

I am extremely shy and hoping to find some nice people to talk to. I also often feel liike I'm from a different planet where I dont fit in because of my shyness but I am extremely positive and love to smile people often find that wierd and dont understand how I can be happy to be alone. I am happy but lonely and I would love to talk to and listen to anyone that wants to :-) Xx

I have felt like I am from somewhere else since I was very little, like an alternate dimension in which things make sense and people are motivated by love. I hope you find a real sense of community here. One Love xox

Interesting comments here. <br />
<br />
My wife learned years ago that being isolated was a choice. At the suggestion of a friend, a counselor, she was told to force herself into social situations and ask anyone in the group a few prepared questions ("where are you from," "what are your interests?"). <br />
<br />
She began to understand, after perhaps a month, that shyness was in fact a choice she had made, although she had previously refused to believe it. Over time, she became gregarious. The shyness, or whatever it was, disappeared completely.

Hi Whiskers, my name is Mary.<br />
I don't have any friends either.<br />
It's not because I'm shy or anything like that but more because of my previous marriage. You see, I was not allowed to have any friends or life in general at all. (Long story).<br />
When I finally left that marriage and wanted to make some female friends, I soon found that that was not going to happen. Why? Well, I was told it was because of the way I looked and conducted myself.<br />
You see, what would happen is that these woman that I would meet would be jealous of me. How do I know this? Because I have been told to my face many times by them. I'm not a bad person at all. I like to help people any way I can, and I am certainly not conceited or flamboyant in any way. I find it a bit funny at times thinking how woman don't like me and men want to marry me. One thing it is for sure though, it's depressing. So I'm hoping to make a few friends to chat with on here.

its same here. i too just cant keep a relationship. im an introverd. bt im new here n idnt kno hw to make frenz here

Hi there Whiskerz, thanks! For a long time I have though I need to fit in and I don't. I beganing to thank I should be around some men that want to hurt or ------something ales. Maybe that's what I was made for, their pleasure.

This thread has been going for a very long time - amazing that so many people do relate to your story and feel the same - lots of people put on a front but are cringing inside - we all need a bit of TLC sometimes

Hey, I'm new too and tbh I feel alot of people are pretty ignorant to anything different other than a media conception of what people 'should' be like, that's kinda why I joined too, I h ave a close circle of friends, which I think is always better, but just wanted to say there's nothing wrong with you and I joined for the same reasons, to talk to like-minded people about things that actually matter to an extent. Cheers buddy hope to speak soon x

I am here as well if you are looking for a new friend.

I feel the same way like i wasn't made for this world because I'm so anti social

Amazing! I kinda felt alone in this world until I came to this topic!<br />
I too have a difficult time socializing because I fear rejection and just don't know what to say 99% of the time. I am a homebody and don't do much of anything but stay home. I'm quite lonely even though I'm married...that's a whole diff story....

hey I am new too. I have similiar probs as you .<br />
<br />
Hope you are ok

Hi Whiskerz!<br />
I see I'm amoung several fellow aliens to this strange world! lol. Thats seriously how I started to feel about it all a few years ago. Since then I started looking at it as an alien anthropologist studying how people act so I can mimic the correct responces to social situations. It's helped with work, but still left me friendless. At least we can find others like ourselves online :)

if people only knew. . . that's what i'm always thinking at work and when i'm forced to be around people. i smile i talk but i'm slightly terrorized and can't wait to get home. i get home and i'm lonely and bored tv used to help. . . it's just started to become really really old.


Wow I just noticed this was first posted in 2008 ! are you still here ? if so how are things going for you ?

yup, same here, especially with family. or work, or shopping or anywhere. never seem to say the right thing. every decision I make seem's to backlash on me , no matter how hard I try to do or say the right thing. Foreign World!

like your name, "whiskers" :P :)

Hi Whiskerz-<br />
I was really impressed by your honesty. Way to lay it all out on the line there! I think I'm from another planet too. I'm always scanning the sky for the mothership that'll take me back to my home planet where people understand me. ; ) I'm pretty friendly in real life, but I live some place where people have all known each other for a thousand years so it's really, really tough to make friends. Plus I think a lot of people just don't get my weird sense of humor. I'd love to be friends if you're up for it.