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hello,  my story.  found this from wanting to know an interpretation to a dream.  so,i see there is more.  i stay home most of the time.  my life has been busy dealing with my son who came to live with me a few months ago.  he is sick with cirrhosis.  before he came, i was meeting some new men to date.  i have put everything on hold, since he came.  i figure it is too much to bring into a new relationship, right away.  so, i am here to make online friends with you.  that will be my social life until something changes and i get back out into the world again.  i am  pretty much a homebody anyway.   saying hello to all.

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J.R. i don't think what i just typed went through. so, i want to be extra sure you get my sincere and heartfelt thanks for sharing with me. you have given me great advice i surely cherish. love, wholehearted, -richie<br />
i am going to look for your story and hope i find it.

Wholehearted first let me say this my heart and prayers are with you. I am answering your question here because it is personal, not that your new friends won't be able to read it. Second the reason I say it's personal is because I'm on the other side of the fence from you. I'm going to pass before my parents, I have Hunnington's Diease and maybe 3 or 4 years if Im real lucky. <br />
Both my mother and father asked me the very same question, what will I do? Here's the most important thing, continue to be there for him. Let him do as much as possible, daily activities, if he is able to cook dinner for you two. Go as many places as you can even if it's just to the doctors. Also PLEASE remember he will have good and bad days let him it's a part of the human experience. Help him keep his faith whatever it is. Let him explore new things and ideas. He may be able to do it online, watch it on T.V., telecourses can teach a lot. I never got to go to a University, so I watch courses on Physics, it is one of my favorite subjects. Make the most of your time with him. For you coping with this situation this is the time to live, make the most of what you have. Cherrious everyday, my mother blames herself for whats happening. DON'T DO THAT, she had no control over the problem. She's only picking up the peices of what once will be. Live today he's not gone yet. You will have time to grieve when the time comes. I know that sounds harsh but as the saying goes " there is a time for living and a time for dying" it is nothing more than a human event. The sadness you feel is for you and the knowledge of knowing you will miss him. <br />
May I say the most important thing for both of you is to find peace within yourselfs. Only you know where to find it, deep inside. Also make time for you, remove yourself from the situation, find time to meditate on your beliefes. I'm still fighting and plan to all the way. But when the time does come I will go in peace and try to make a difference before I go! Peace be with you my sister. I'm online a lot, please read my page and look for the story " I can remember the first time I read this" it is full of wisdom that I will never be able to give you.<br />
your new golden friend,<br />
madmanmo ( my friends call me J.R. )