Not Sure

I am not sure what all this is about or what to do with it but I do know I am having some issues and have very few people or resources to use in order to cope with them. Its hard to tell if this is something I can trust with my problems at least for help, not for a sure or anything fast and easy because I know figuring this out will be no fast or easy task. I just need someone to talk to that wants to hear me and give their input.

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4 Responses Feb 8, 2009

i am sorry you feel that way, but i understand. you don`t know who to talk to . you feel alone. that is the great thing about ep there is always some one to listen to you . let me know if i can help.

I understand that is why this is here. So, tell your story and any one of us will be glad to listen and give you in put as best we can. Don't go on feeling alone. There are lots of people here to help. Including me!;-)<br />
Stay safe.

I'm new here too. Go on and put your story, worries, problems down. Someone will come along, read it and offer some words of encouragement or help.

if you will message i will answer!