My Short Loa Journey So Far!

Hi all.  I am a 35 (36 in March!) year old woman.  I am married with 3 kids, ages 3 to 16 years old.  I am Black and my husband is White.  I have been learning and exploring the Law of Attraction since February of 2007.  I saw 'The Secret' and it's been an amazing experience from there.  My husband and I were both Christians before 2/2007, but now we are both open minded, aware-of-our-expansion beings.  We both respect the beliefs, religions, and practices of everyone.  As soon as we gave up our hardline Christian beliefs, we immediately became aware of The Science of Mind philosophy.  Which I see as a school for Law of Attraction.  Although the place we go to has some 'churchiness' about it, it is not anything like the Fundamentalist Church we came from.  It has really helped me get over a resentment of Christianity and Church that I experienced when I physically left a couple of years ago.   I (we) attracted our next step in our expansion!  I now feel free to follow my heart and release things that do not serve me anymore and recieve the next best thing.  I am interested in meeting people that are open minded in all areas of life.  Those that live and let live.  I have noticed that these are the people that I am able to learn from more, lately.  So I can love those in my life that are not so open minded as of yet. 

Tkconniff8 Tkconniff8
31-35, F
Feb 10, 2009