I'm a Product of the 70's

Hi.  I was born in New York, then my family moved to Denver.  Then I made an impulsive move to St. Thomas, USVI with my friend, Kim.  We had $500.00 to our names!  But my sister and her family lived there.  We soon found that as weird characters, we fit in there!  Hardly anything "normal" went on, and we had a slew of adventures.  I then moved to St. John, USVI (the most beautiful place I've been so far,) and got married.  Then divorced.  Moved back to the states giving 3 days notice at work (long story, i.e. cocaine and security.)

Then I moved to North Carolina, and everything here is "normal."  I married a great guy, we have a great teenaged son, we have a mortgage that is running us bankrupt and our energy bill just doubled!  (I know, because I pay the bills.  Even though I am terrible at expenses, saving, etc.  My husband is worse.)

I now find myself with very few people to relate to in the area.  Okay, like maybe three.  All my friends have settled in different states and countries.  Wah!

I'm a frustrated writer who hasn't been published.  Short stories are my favorite venue.   I also have Psoriatic Arthritis, which caused  my giving up running, which caused me to put on weight and now I feel like a blimp.  Oh, and I just started menopause.  Is it hot in here?

Towhead Towhead
2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

hi towhead nice to meet you1

Hi Towhead! You sound like fun, I hope you stay here at EP and share some of your stories with us.<br />
I've been dealing with that damn faithful friend "menopause" for the past 5 years. He's like a leech, I can't get him to leave! <br />
Yes, it's hot in here, now it's freezing! I'm happy, I'm mad, now I'm crying!