Heck I Dunno

just a lonely guy that wants to make friends. 

vital stats i guess: 48, divorcing after 16 yrs of marriage, 2 kids, twin girl and boy 9 yrs old (i love them more than my life - check my pics you'll agree), currently disabled.  training at home to be certified as a medical transcriptionist.  fair share of battles in life like anybody else.

incurable goofball.  love to tease, flirt, engage in witty joke-fests.  i love satire and dry humor.  i think the best one-liners are the ones where it hits the person a few seconds after reading - so they get to feel as incredibly intelligent as i am!  haha!  um.. yeah..

moody.  battle depression.  can be emotional and sensitive.  tend to relate on those levels with females better than males.  hard on myself.  currently in a crisis of identifying who i am in this 'new life' that i didn't want.

have zero desire to seek a ridiculous notion of romance over the internet.  totally not ready for any kind of relationship real or imagined any time in the near future.  but am absolutely resolved to not give my stbx permission to sour my opinion of women.  i love everything about the female and the beauty and intrigue that you bring to the world.

certainly one very positive trait i have is to encourage everyone i become friends with to feel better about themselves.  it's very important to me.  i know rejection in the most profound sense and so my heart aches to prop everyone up that i can.

i am a fiercely devoted friend and loyal to a fault.


oh... and i'm clueless how this whole place works.  where do people just hang out?

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46-50, M
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Welcome to EP!