I'm new here, but I'm posting here 6 days after I joined because I didn't know this group existed x)

This is such a cool site - I can't believe I didn't hear about it earlier. I only stumbled across it on google after seaching about dreams because of a wierd dream I had.

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There are some secrets I may have to keep hidden...<br />
Annoyingly, my dad and brother like to peer over my shoulder constantly, so they have an inkling that I'm not doing work. It's why I may be slow sometimes.

Yes it does. If you say it in the right way, it always sounds very credible :D And if you are still asked, just use the "you MUST know what stuff is obviously" tone of voice and they'll hopefully leave you be.

Haha, the "Stuff" answer always works :P

I do too. My brother keeps asking me what I'm doing but I just say "stuff." I also didn't invite anyone just in case they knew it was me. I probably will stick around :)

Hello! I stumbled on it when I did some Google search as well :) I think most of the people who use it keep it a secret to their friends and family. I know I do. I think that's why not many people hear about it. But I really hope you're planning on sticking around.